Filipopolis to become part of the Henkell & Co.-Gruppe

2018 04 03

Filipopolis to become part of the Henkell & Co.-Gruppe
Lithuanian importer takes on distribution for the Group’s international brands 
Filipopolis, based in Kaunas, is one of the leading importers and distributors of alcoholic drinks within Lithuania and has achieved earnings of €7m, which rose steadily over the preceding years. Within the Henkell & Co.-Gruppe, the company closes the distribution gap in the Baltic following the acquisition of Budampex in Estonia (2008) and the founding of Henkell & Co. Baltic in Latvia (2011).
While Filipopolis has already distributed Henkell & Co.-Gruppe’s Törley brand in the past, the company will extend its portfolio to include further international brands belonging to the Henkell & Co.-Gruppe and thus capitalise on the positive sparkling-wine trends with Prosecco, Crémant and Champagne within its home market. They will focus on the world’s bestselling Prosecco, Mionetto, and on Germany’s most exported Sekt brand, Henkell. The successful marketing of the existing brands will be continually expanded.
Liudas Zukaitis, Managing Director and owner of Filipopolis, said: “The partnership with Henkell & Co. is an ideal connection for our company. The Group’s Europe-wide expertise in sparkling wine is of particular interest to us. Additionally, our integration into the Henkell & Co.-Gruppe gives us direct access to a powerful international network for sparkling wine, wine and spirits. We are all very pleased with this fantastic opportunity.”
Rūta Žukaitytė, the company’s Head of Marketing, added: “Sparkling wine is an established category within Lithuania and the import segment is growing. The new opportunities are sparkling. So we are very pleased that we can now introduce Lithuanian consumers to the broad portfolio of Henkell & Co.-Gruppe brands.”
“Lithuania is the sparkling-wine market with the highest levels of consumption in the Baltic. We are optimistic that we can also establish our international core brands in Lithuania and through the now complete pan-Baltic representation of our company, become even more attractive for our customers,” said Dr. Andreas Brokemper, spokesman for the Henkell & Co.-Gruppe management.
About Henkell & Co.-Gruppe
Henkell & Co.-Gruppe is represented by its subsidiaries in 22 countries, exporting to more than 100 nations around the globe. It is the market leader for wine, sparkling wine, Prosecco or various categories of spirits in numerous countries. The building where Henkell was founded remains the headquarters of the Henkell & Co.-Gruppe, to which brands such as Henkell, Mionetto, Champagne Alfred Gratien, Törley Sekt and i heart WINES belong. Further information can be found at
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About Filipopolis
Distribution specialist Filipopolis, Lithuania’s leading importer of alcoholic beverages, has been part of Henkell & Co.-Gruppe since April 2018. The company, headquartered in Kaunas, has been operating successfully for more than 25 years in the Lithuanian market and is continually expanding its portfolio. Alongside the Hungarian sparkling-wine brand Törley, successfully established 10 years ago, Filipopolis focusses on their national and international brands in the spirits and wine business. Filipopolis is the market leader of the Italian premium wines segment and one of the leaders in Chilean wines sales. Further information can be found at